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What can I do in the area of Kalergi Lodge?

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The hiking trail with the best view of Samaria Gorge

The hiking trail with the best view of Samaria Gorge

The ascent route to the lodge is the initial part of the E4 crossing of the White Mountains.

Hiking from ‘The Fence’ to the Kalergi Lodge

Time: 1h 30’
Elevation gain: 350m
Distance: 3.8km
Difficulty: 3/5
Marking color: Red/blue
Start: At the Samaria Gorge entrance parking lot, right at the end of the Omalos Plateau road.
To the left of the entrance, there is a sign that leads you on the well-marked path, the first part of which is gently sloping on easy terrain.
After about 30 minutes you meet the unpaved road and continue uphill for about 1km until a marking on your right directs you to leave the road and continue uphill.
With the fence of the National Park of Samaria on your right, continue until you reach the mountain refuge.
The ascent from this route is the shortest, with the least elevation gain. The second part of the route is steeper with slightly more challenging terrain than the other routes (no scrambling, though!). This route offers a unique view and an incredible aesthetic, while in the summer it is recommended as there is always a cool breeze.

Educational Events

Educational Events

Kalergi mountain refuge is a nice spot to organize educational events with big groups!

We can accommodate up to 60 people. The area is ideal for hiking, exploring, relaxation, and privacy.

Every year a lot of schools come and visit us. Book your next trip to Kalergi Lodge here.

Trail running

Trail running

Kalergi Mountain Lodge is the ideal base for runners and athletes who want to train on the mountain. There are many routes with a lot of variety in terms of terrain and a wide range of altitude differences.

It is an ideal destination for mountain running training in the summer as the temperature is much lower than in the plains.

Also in mid-May, the Chania Mountaineering Club organizes the Samaria Run half-marathon, and the route passes by our refuge.

Mountaineering Ski

Mountaineering Ski

Kalergi Lodge is an ideal destination for skiing and Crete is a unique experience for ski mountaineering lovers!

In the White Mountains, conditions in winter are very different as the sheer number of peaks creates an alpine microclimate with a very large temperature difference compared to the lowlands.

On the same day, the temperature can exceed 20 degrees difference compared to the sea level. Snowfall is very intense and almost every year the White Mountains are covered in thick layers of snow starting mid-December, with the snowfall often lasting until the end of May. This makes them an ideal destination for ski mountaineering and long traverses.

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Their many high peaks and wild relief give you the feeling that you are in a real alpine field (and you are!), while this feeling is complemented by the isolation they offer as there are no roads and when you are between the peaks you have no line of sight to populated areas. A very important element that makes them interesting for ski mountaineering is the composition of the snow. It is quite wet and each falling layer of snow sticks very quickly to the other so that large and dangerous avalanches do not form.

The ideal season for skiing is from February to mid-April. Kalergi Mountain Lodge is the starting point for the famous White Mountains traverse, starting from the Omalos plateau and ending at the Askifou plateau.

Jeep Safari Trips

Jeep Safari Trips

Explore the White Mountains with a jeep safari trip!

As you will see, a lot of local companies organize safari trips in our lodge, to admire the view of Samaria Gorge from our yard.

If you are one of those that love safari adventure trips and off-road routes, Kalergi Lodge is the ideal destination!

You can explore the whole area and finally relax in our lodge with a tasty meal and a refreshing beverage.

The view of Samaria Gorge is unique, as we are in the highest spot for observation. The highest peaks of the White Mountains around you and the Libyan Sea view in the south will offer you an amazing sense of tranquility.



Birdwatching in the White Mountains of Crete using Kalergi Mountain Refuge as a base is a truly unique experience.
The shelter is located in the heart of the White Mountains and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks and valleys.

The area is home to a diverse range of bird species, including the majestic golden eagle, griffon vulture, and alpine chough, which can be spotted soaring high above the mountain peaks.
Visitors can also observe smaller birds such as the Rock Nuthatch and Cretan accentor, as well as birds of prey like the Peregrine Falcon and Bonelli’s Eagle.

With its beautiful scenery and a wide variety of birdlife, birdwatching in the White Mountains of Crete is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts alike.