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The Lodge The Lodge

Information about Kalergi Lodge

Kalergi Mountain Lodge has the best view of the Samaria Gorge and the high peaks of the White Mountains – you can even see both the Aegean and Libyan seas!

Built at an inspired location at an altitude of 1,600m, it has been “the” landmark of the Cretan mountains and the best observatory of Samaria National Park. Reachable with an easy hike and enjoying a great view over the Samaria gorge, it is the highest place in Crete where you will find accomodation, food and refreshing drinks.
From its balcony you can mentally get lost in the sea of peaks that dominate the landscape, while in reality Pachnes, Gigilos, Volakias and other peaks over 2,000m are a short hike away. The view of the wonderful blue sea, north and south, completes the 360 degrees view.

Kalergi Mountain Refuge was built in 1971 by the Mountaineering Association of Chania.

It features a restaurant and also offers 60 beds for accommodation, which is ideal for big groups.

The lodge is also available for all types of events.


How to get to the Kalergi Lodge

  1. Hiking: At the Samaria Gorge entrance parking lot, right at the end of the Omalos plateau road.To the left of the entrance, there is a sign that leads you on the well-marked path, the first part of which is gently sloping on easy terrain.After about 30 minutes you meet the unpaved road and continue uphill for about 1km, until marking on your right directs you to leave the road and continue uphill.With the fence of the National Park of Samaria on your right, continue until you reach the shelter.The ascent from this route is the shortest, with the least elevation gain. The second part of the route is steeper with slightly more challenging terrain than the other routes (no scrambling, though!). This route offers a unique view and an incredible aesthetic, while in the summer it is recommended as there is always a cool breeze.


2.  Walking or By Car from the dirt road : At Omalos plateau, following the main paved road, there is an unpaved (dirt) road on your left (as you’re coming from Chania). There is a sign for Kalergi refuge.
In 20-30 minutes you will reach Kalergi Lodge if you use your car. If you choose to walk, you will need around 1.30 hours.

How to get to the Kalergi Lodge
The Lodge

Who we are

The Kalergi Mountain Lodge (Kalergi Refuge), is managed by Christos Paterakis, who has been a member of the Chania Mountaineering Club since 1997.
He has a rich mountaineering/climbing experience in Greece and all over the world. He has received training certified by the Hellenic Mountaineering Federation (EOAA) in mountaineering, climbing, and ski mountaineering, while he is a graduate of the School of Climbing Leaders of EOAA.

Christos and his partner Annie Kakouri Maraka, also own the sailing company Sailing South Crete,, which organizes sailing trips in Crete.